Men’s Tuesday Night League

The goal of the Men’s Tuesday Night League is to bring people together for fun and competition.

The Tuesday Night League will be held every Tuesday starting on April 25, 2023 and be ran for a consecutive 20 weeks. Play will begin promptly at 5 or 5:30 pm depending on the time of the year. Each event will be a shotgun start. We will alternate play on the Front and Back 9 each week.

The cost to join the Tuesday Night League will be $70 per person. Your $70 entry fee will pay for end of the year prizes, green fees, and a dinner that will be hosted on the first Tuesday of the month during the league season. Every week we will have a $2 Gross Skins Game. There will be an additional fee for food on Tuesday for people who are not members of the Tuesday Night League. Prices may vary. We will also have drink specials on Tuesday nights.

All participants in the Tuesday Night League must have a verifiable handicap to start the league (handicaps can be purchased through Quail for $30) then during the league handicaps will be adjusted accordingly by the person running the league. The league is open to all men who wish to participate.

All players must sign up each week before 3 pm on Tuesday. USGA rules will govern all play, except when modified by a local rule. Course conditions will determine if the ball will be played DOWN or if you will be allowed to roll the ball one scorecard length (You will not be allowed to change the condition of the lie; i.e. you can’t roll it from the rough to the fairway, from the fringe to the green, etc.) All scores that are able to be posted will be posted by league runners.

The goal is to make the Tuesday Night League fun and accessible to all. I want to ensure that each participant feels welcome and enjoys themselves. We want this to be a fun league, but also a fair and competitive one.

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