Course Architect

Tom Doak

Renaissance Golf Design

Quail Crossing Golf Club – Established 1996

“One of golf’s primary appeals is that it’s a natural game, and it’s more enjoyable when we are playing against natural hazards.”
(Tom Doak)
Pacific Dunes Golf Club – Bandon, OR – ( 2001 )

A new name is rising to the top that many players aren’t familiar with. His name is Tom Doak. Doak’s work is varied and not too wide spread, so many golfers haven’t had the opportunity to play a Doak course. But by looking at the courses that Doak has recently built you can’t ignore the results. If you haven’t heard of him, you will soon. Doak’s recently completed Pacific Dunes is receiving unbelievable reviews from all that have seen or played it. It is being compared to the finest courses in the world. Pacific Dunes should be added to all must play lists.

Doak’s design firm of Renaissance Golf located in Traverse City, MI is focused on creating golf courses that appear to have been placed naturally in the existing terrain. Doak takes great care in how the course is routed and holes located. This approach is quite the opposite of some designers who can literally take a flat piece of land and create mountains. Doak has had the good fortune to work on projects that are located in some of the most spectacular places on Earth.